Evaluation Of Seniors

As our population ages people are increasingly concerned about mental decline due to aging as well as the increased risks of dementia that aging brings.  We address those concerns with the most current scientific information available.


Sports Concussion

Providing neuropsychological services to the Canucks, Grizzlies, Abbotsford Heat, Whitecaps and Canada Snowboard National Team over many years have made us well aware of the questions people have about the immediate and long-term effects of concussion.


Litigation Related Assessment

The neuropsychological examination is often a key element in establishing the effects of injuries sustained in accidents on the road, at work or in the home.  We provide answers to the questions most often asked by lawyers and their clients based on our over 30 years of experience in providing such assessments.



What is a neuropsychologist?  What goes on in a neuropsychological assessment?  Do “brain training programs” really help in brain injury?  We address these and other questions about the role of neuropsychologists in assessing and treating brain dysfunctions of all sorts.

Since 1981 the psychologists at Schmidt-Trentadue and Associates Ltd. have been providing psychological services for a variety of psychological and neuropsychological disorders as well as offering lectures and educational talks to a variety of professional and community groups.

This website was developed to expand our educational services by providing understandable, scientifically-based information about the brain and disorders that affect it such as concussion, dementia and traumatic brain injury as well as associated conditions such as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Pain Disorder.

It is our belief that the more sound facts and knowledge you have the better off you’ll be in dealing with such problems. The material in this website is regularly updated as new research appears or we receive questions about new issues. If you have specific questions we’d love to hear them!

The four boxes above take you to information regarding aging, mental decline and dementia, sports concussion, neuropsychological services in the litigation system and general information about what neuropsychology is. In both those boxes and our “recent news” section here on the home page we also provide useful links, including recommendations for books or articles to take you further.

We hope that you will enjoy exploring the webpage and again extend our invitation to you to also feel free to ask us questions you may have via telephone or e-mail.

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